Anna reviewed Kay’s Speech and Language Therapy:

Kay is just amazing. Plain and simple. She’s amazing. Kay is super personable and has a lovely way of making any child want to interact with her, as well as having such a wonderful way of supporting and assisting parents seeking her expertise.

We started seeing Kay in 2018 and since then our Son has come on leaps and bounds with his understanding of language and his speech. He is still progressing and engaging with us more and more each day. His range of vocabulary still surprises us and is being used in appropriate context. It’s so encouraging and promising and is an absolute testament, to Kay and her work. Kay really helped and guided us in where to begin with our sons speech and language journey. The foundation of everything she showed and taught us, is still present today in how we encourage our son to interact with us and in turn, how we interact with him.

We’re so thankful for her and we will miss working with her so regularly.

Anna (July 2021)

Josh recommends Kay’s Speech and Language Therapy (October 2020)

Cannot recommend Kay highly enough, she has helped our son so much and he has made fantastic progress in so many areas since Kay started working with him. Kay is amazing with children and has a unique ability to really connect with them on their level.

We cannot thank you enough Kay for your amazing work and support!

Josh (October 2020)

Danielle reviewed Kay’s Speech and Language Therapy5 star

Kay worked with my son as his TA at school, and also worked with him when he went to an additional needs class for part of the day. My son has Autism so Kay worked a lot on speech and language, comprehension, social stories etc. She was absolutely brilliant, and he made significant improvements when she started to work with him. He was extremely lucky to have worked with her. Kay is very friendly, caring and patient, and has real passion for what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Kay has worked with my son for almost a year.
My son has some problems with semantics and he has made a big improvement with Kay’s help. My son has learnt strategies and now he is using his own to help himself go through school.
Kay, thank you very much for your help. Your professionalism and dedication is paying off.
We are a very grateful family and we cannot thank you enough.

Natalie reviewed Independent Speech and Language Therapy5 star

Kay is absolutely fantastic at what she does. Kay worked with my little girl who suffered from a speech disorder and was incredibly shy to the point where she would not speak in front of or to unfamiliar adults. My little girl waited on the NHS list for over 2 years before being seen, she was offered group therapy which was no use as she would not speak in front of people and was very self conscious. We just wanted to help her and Kay came highly recommended and was amazing with my daughter. She showed such understanding, patience and compassion. She built a beautiful relationship with my daughter and helped develop her confidence, her understanding and her speech. By the time Kay had finished working with her she was finally seen by the NHS and immediately discharged, thanks to Kay’s outstanding work. She made it fun, accessible and achievable for my little lady and she really enjoyed her sessions.

I cannot recommend Kay highly enough, she made such a difference to our little girls life.

A big fan of yours

Karen (Mainstream school SENCo) reviewed Independent Speech and Language Therapy5 star

I have worked with Kay, in my roles as both a teacher and a SENCO and have seen the progress that the children have made when working with her. Kay adapts work to the needs of the individual and creates good relationships with children and parents. As a private therapist, she shares her work well with staff, allowing them to develop and embed this in the classroom. Her work has been very beneficial to these families.

A big fan of yours