How it works…


Following your initial contact, I will offer a FREE initial telephone consultation with you to further discuss your concerns and explain how I may be able to help. If I feel I am able to offer therapy/advice in addition to your current or previous Speech and Language Therapy service input, we will arrange follow-up assessment and therapy sessions to suit the individual needs of your child.

Sessions will typically take place in your home to help your child feel more comfortable and relaxed to engage in the activities. Education setting appointments can be arranged if required.

I will use informal or standardised assessments (or both) to gain a greater understanding of the individual needs of your child and to inform the course of therapy. I am able to provide written reports following assessment if required.



Therapy sessions will usually last between 30 minutes and 1 hour depending on the needs of the child. Therapy will be tailored to each individual according to their communication needs, age, personal interests and motivations and the impact on their everyday life. The aim of therapy is to help your child to reach their full communicative potential as well as empowering you, the parent/carer/education staff member to support their ongoing progress.

At the end of each therapy session I will provide you with some direct feedback as well as setting some “homework” tasks to try before the next session. Continuing to practice the skills learnt with me in the sessions as regular “homework” is essential in helping your child to strengthen and maintain the new communication skills they are developing through our therapy sessions.


Advice and Training:

As well as individualised targeted advice given at the end of each therapy session, I am also able to provide training for groups of pre-school, nursery and school setting staff and/or parents for a range of communication needs to help you better support the individuals in your care.

If you are interested in gaining further understanding of any aspect of communication or how to better support a child’s specific needs and would like further information, please contact me directly to discuss your booking.