Welcome to Kay’s Speech and Language Therapy website!

I am a Dorset based independent Speech and Language Therapist offering assessment and therapy for pre and school aged children with a range of communication needs. I also provide advice and training for parents, care givers and educational staff around the child to further encourage communicative skills development.

Communication is an integral part of our everyday lives that we often take for granted and yet it is so essential in enabling us to understand the world around us, to be able to express our needs/wants, to learn new skills and to make and maintain friendships.

It’s no wonder then that children who have difficulty developing communication skills in line with their same aged peers can  become frustrated. This can be very distressing for both the child and their parents/carers.

If you or someone you know has concerns about their child’s communication skills then please feel free to contact me directly to discuss your concerns and arrange an appointment if appropriate. Please visit the Contact page for more information.

Danielle reviewed Kay’s Speech and Language Therapy5 star

Kay worked with my son as his TA at school, and also worked with him when he went to an additional needs class for part of the day. My son has Autism so Kay worked a lot on speech and language, comprehension, social stories etc. She was absolutely brilliant, and he made significant improvements when she started to work with him. He was extremely lucky to have worked with her. Kay is very friendly, caring and patient, and has real passion for what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone!


Kay has worked with my son for almost a year.
My son has some problems with semantics and he has made a big improvement with Kay’s help. My son has learnt strategies and now he is using his own to help himself go through school.
Kay, thank you very much for your help. Your professionalism and dedication is paying off.
We are a very grateful family and we cannot thank you enough.